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Iman Magazine Update

Iman Magazine

In accordance with its By-laws provisions, the Bint Jebail Cultural Center instituted the “Iman Magazine” program. The first issue was published in April 2003. The Primary topics of this magazine concentrate heavily on the Islamic education and culture. The main objective is to propagate the Islamic value to non-Muslims and to encourage a more open dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims in our community.

Unfortunately, publication was temporarily halted during the summer of 2008 due to some difficulties beyond our control.  However, in April 2014, publication was resumed.

It is distributed to the public in Detroit area including Dearborn and Dearborn Heights.

-Editor in Chief: Dr. Hussein Al Hakim.

Editing Staff:  Dr. Mary Saad Assel / and Dr. Dib Saab

– For Ads in the Magazine, or contributions, please contact:

Haj. Youssef  Abdallah – (313) 350-7900

Haj. Ahmad Chami –  (313) 375-0025

Mrs. Zaman Assayegh –  (313) 208- 6771