Meet the Chairman of the Board

unnamed Mohammed J. Turfe


  • Diploma – Accounting
  • BA – Business Administration
  • MBA – Industrial Movement

Political Activities

  • 1963 Chairman of the Arab American Republican Club of Michigan
  • 1965 Member of the Republican National Organizational Committee
  • 1962-1966 – Member of the City Beautiful Commission in Dearborn
  • 1970-1982 – Member of the City Beautiful Commission , Urban Renewal Committee, and member of the Mayor’s Council – Dearborn
  • 1997 – 2005 – Invited 3 times to the Whitehouse to discuss Middle East problems

Social Involvement

  • 1949 – President of the Arab American Hashmie Society in Dearborn
  • 1950 – Founding member of the Islamic Center of America – served (3) times as a Chairman of the Board
  • 1992 – Founder of the Bint Jebail Cultural Center

Social Activities

  • Assisting many immigrants from the Arab world to the Detroit area with their needs such as finding employment, finding places to stay upon their arrival, collecting money for them to live on until they find employment, interpreting for them when needed and translating various documents for them.  All for free.
  • Mediate between feuding parties to settle their differences without going to court.  70% successful
  • Mediate between husbands and wives to avoid divorces.  70% successful.Collecting money on a monthly basis to help needy people in Bint Jebail and in Dearborn area.
  • Collecting money for various projects in Bint Jebail.

Military Services

  • 1952 – Inducted into the U.S. Army
  • 1953 – Assigned to military duties in Korea during the Korean war.
  • 1954 – Discharged with honors as a supply sergeant.


  • May 1978 – Received a Thank you letter from Mayor John B. O’Reilly for “Valuable Contribution to the Final Report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Neighborhood Pride”
  • May 1996 – Invited to the White House to share with President Clinton his views on the Arab-Israeli issues
  • June 3, 1996 – Received a Thank You letter from President Clinton for his insights
  • Aug 1996 – Invited to the White House by President Clinton to discuss the Middle East Issues
  • 1997 – Invitation to the 53rd Presidential Inaugural (1997 Commemorative Invitation)
  • April 1994 – Received a plaque from The Bint Jebail Cultural Center
    • In appreciation of his relentless dedication Haj Mohammed J. Turfe, we proudly present this plaque in recognition of his endless determination in establishing The Bint Jebail Cultural Center.  His efforts are greatly commended and shall always remain as the foundation of the Center.
  • Served simultaneously on (3) commissions under the Administration of Mayor John O’Reilly:
    • A member of City Beautiful Commission
    • A member of CITA
    • A member of the Mayor’s Task Force
    • Recognized by National Register’s “ Who is Who in Executives and Professionals”
    • Recognized by Mayor and City Council of Wayne City for Many Civic Contributions and Continuous Outstanding Community Service
    • Awarded The Great Seal of the State of Michigan in recognition for Outstanding Contributions – Community, Arts, History, Education, Charity during the Nations 220th Anniversary from the Dearborn Bi-Centennial Commissioner and signed by Governor Engler
    • Recognized by Access for Outstanding Community Leadership
    • Recognized by (Arabic) for Outstanding Services and Leadership of the Community
    • Recognized four times by The Islamic Center of America
      • 1999 – In Recognition of Dedication and Commendable Effects in Establishing The Islamic Center of America along with Outstanding Services to Islam
      • In Appreciation of Outstanding Participation in Community and Civic Affairs, Remarkable Desire to help the Needy and Commendable Dedication to the faith of Islam
      • 1989 – In Recognition for Years of Devoted Services to The Islamic Center of America
      • For Outstanding Support for The Islamic Center as a Founding Member
      • Letter of recommendations from Ford Motor Company in appreciation of civil duties
      • Citation for 44.67 Years of Outstanding Services
      • Invited to the Lebanese Convention for Immigrants on three different occasions