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A woman in mobility scooter has been caputred riding along a 70mph dual carriageway during rush hour as cars zoom past her.

The unidentified Milton Keynes woman was captured using her mobility scooter going to the extreme and travelling across the city’s unique grid road system, report Buckinghamshire Live.

Defiant in the face of 70mph traffic and other vehicles speeding past her, musician Tony Hill took a video of the woman tootling along the dual carriageway to get around the city on October 13.

And despite the cost of fuel skyrocketing in recent months and the impact of traffic on the environment often at the forefront of people’s minds, Tony said that he was left ‘amazed’ when she saw what was happening right in front of her eyes.

Tony shared footage of the woman travelling at the Four Bridges and heading down the V7 Saxon Street between Oldbrook and Fishermead in the Buckinghamshire city, as traffic sped past her at high speeds.

She then seemed to take a left turn at the Eaglestone Roundabout onto the H7 Chaffron Way.

Tony says he caught the unique motorist her journey near Falconhurst School during rush hour.

Since posting the clip on social media, t he video had been shared 246 times on Facebook.

Tony added that the footage has also been widely shared cross other platforms.

Speaking about the moment, he said: “I was walking from the Four Bridges back to mine.

“It’s been shared loads and played loads.”

Speaking about the mysterious woman’s newfound fame, Tony commented: “This world never stops amazing me.”

Meanwhile, in October, it was reported that a woman had travelled for 10 hours – across 500 miles – in the hopes of passing her driving test at the ‘easiest’ centre – but failed for a second time.

Constance Kampfer, from London, journeyed all the way to the Isle of Mill off the west coast of Scotland to take her second driving test after discovering the place had one of the highest pass rates in the UK – almost 90%.

Unfortunately, she ended up “straying too far into the middle of the road” and failed her test.